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G2: Survival Characters – Free Download

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This is a paid asset, but now you can download G2: Survival Characters for FREE, but please remember this package is provided only for learning purposes or to be able to test before buying the product, NOT FOR COMMERCIAL PURPOSES.

“If possible, please buy the package to support the developer”

Survival Female and Male characters ready for games

Please learn more about my Genesis 2 (G2: Characters) before buying this package.

How to use my characters

Watch full character picture resolution on ArtStation

With new shader, you can blend color and textures to your liking. All character body parts are modular so you can mix with my other Genesis 2 characters same gender but make sure you have scripts to mix character, this package not included mixing character scripts.

For best result with physic you should use Dynamic Bone for chain.

This character has over 80 Blendshapes/Morphs for AR Face Tracking, Oculus Lipsync and some Basic Expressions, 02 hairstyle can use for both male and female characters.

Characters established in Unity version 2020.3.15f2 and HDRP 10.5.0

How to create more Prefabs by yourself
You should open Overview scene to find out features of character package
You need create new High Definition Render Pipeline Unity 2020 (HDRP 10.5.0) project template on Unity HUB then import character to avoid get shader errors
This package included HDRP, URP, Standar Shader to use this character in Standard or URP you need swap shader following this Video Tutorial
Watch more character tutorials on my channel
[My Discord]

Over 80 Blendshapes/Morphs for AR Face Tracking, Oculus Lipsync and some Basic Expressions
Rigged with same skeleton
Male and Female head same scale so you can share Hair/Hat
Blending/Mixing color/textures on Materials
Makeup Face/Hair/Eyes/Lips
Cloth and Jiggle physic setup ready
Number of textures: ~40

Texture dimensions: 2048 -4096

Polygon count of [Model Name]: 20k -50k

Minimum polygon count: 20k

Maximum polygon count: 50k

Number of meshes/prefabs: ~16

Rigging: Yes

Animation count: 0

Animation type list

UV mapping: Yes

LOD information (count, number of levels): No

Types of materials and texture maps (e.g., PBR): PBR


G2 Survival Characters v1.0 (FBX version)

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