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The “Easy Decal” Unity asset is a powerful and versatile toolkit that simplifies the process of adding realistic and dynamic decals to your Unity projects. This asset provides developers with a comprehensive set of tools and features to enhance the visual quality and immersion of their scenes with ease.

Key features of this asset include:

  1. Intuitive Decal Placement: With “Easy Decal,” developers can easily place decals on surfaces in the scene using a user-friendly interface. The asset offers various tools for precise positioning and alignment, ensuring seamless integration of decals on walls, floors, objects, and more.
  2. Rich Library of Decals: The asset comes with an extensive library of high-quality decals, ranging from scuff marks, bullet holes, graffiti, blood splatters, and more. These decals are meticulously designed to add depth and realism to different environments.
  3. Customizable Parameters: “Easy Decal” offers a range of customizable parameters for each decal, such as size, rotation, opacity, and blending modes. This allows developers to fine-tune decals to match the specific style and ambiance of their scenes.
  4. Dynamic Decal Effects: The asset supports dynamic decal effects, such as decal fading, time-based decay, and physics-based responses. This dynamic behavior adds realism and immersiveness to the environment, making it more responsive to in-game actions and events.
  5. Decal Pooling System: To optimize performance, “Easy Decal” features a decal pooling system that efficiently manages the rendering and reuse of decals. This system ensures smooth gameplay and minimizes performance impact, even with a large number of decals in the scene.
  6. Compatibility and Support: The asset is compatible with various Unity versions and platforms, allowing seamless integration into existing or new projects. Additionally, “Easy Decal” provides comprehensive documentation and support channels to assist developers during the implementation process.
  7. Broad Applications: “Easy Decal” is suitable for a wide range of projects, including games, architectural visualizations, virtual reality experiences, and more. Its versatility and ease of use make it a valuable asset for any developer seeking to enhance their scene’s visual fidelity.

Easy Decals v2021.4.1 (Latest version)

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