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2D-3D Infinite Runner Engine 1.7 Unity

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2D+3D Endless Runner Kit from the maker of the Corgi Engine

The Infinite Runner Engine is a highly customizable, optimized and easy to use solution that will provide you with everything you need to create your very own endless game. It comes with a lot of complete examples (platformer, lane runner, etc…). Completely mobile/touch ready, it’s never been this easy to create endless games.

👉 Full list of features
📚 Documentation
🤖 Android demo on the Play Store
🍏 Complete game on the AppStore
💁 Support Form
💬 Discord

What does the Infinite Runner Engine do ?
– Create the endless game YOU want : the asset comes with tons of common use classes, easy to customize for your own needs
– Optimized for mobile, great performance, recycled objects, works great everywhere!
– Built-in examples : the Infinite Runner Engine comes packed with tons of complete games, assets and classes, ready to use!
– Handles all the hard work : achievements, object pools, spawners, camera controllers, game status, events, multiple characters, pickable objects, highscores and so much more!
– Super easy to use : tweak the engine core objects straight from the inspector. Plus
– Complete documentation of all the classes, the entire codebase is commented, and here’s a video tutorial.

Whether your idea for an endless runner game is a sidescrolling, fast paced runner like Canabalt, curved runner like Ski Safari or Tiny Wings, or maybe a 3rd person view game like Temple Run, this asset’s got you covered.

The Infinite Runner Engine includes as a gift Nice Touch and MMFeedbacks, two other More Mountains assets.

Password: nAR94Ni46zzPfTV18_MvuFR8vjFB0UYmkFXNOsnCCS4

2D-3D Infinite Runner Engine

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